Mir M. Ali , MD is a Family Medicine Board Certified Physician and completed his Family Medicine Residency from Michigan State University – Kalamazoo Center for Medical Studies in Kalamazoo, Michigan in 2006. He is graduate of Deccan College of Medical Science School in  Hyderabad, India. After completing his Medical school, he came to United States and finished Masters in Public Health and then trained in Family Medicine Residency at MSU – KCMS. He moved to South West Minnesota and joined Sanford Health Windom Clinic to practice Traditional  Family Medicine in a Rural / small town setting for  9 years. He moved to Plano, Texas in May 2016 with his wife and 4 children and worked in a primary care clinic in Mesquite for 6 months. He  started his own Family Medicine practice in Plano in January 2017. His interest and passion in Family Medicine stems from the fact that he loves Continuity of care that Family Medicine provides,  and strives for Standardized, Evidence based medical care for all ages. He also has a Masters in Public Health ( Major in Health Education) and encourages and advocate his patients about Diabetes management, Obesity management healthy diet, Smoking cessation, and how to develop healthy lifestyles and how to change health behaviors.